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Mr G goes to Japan

Konnichiwa burger buddies,  

I’m in Japan the land of the rising sun. I squeezed my buns on board the first flight out of Malaga and headed half way around the world to check out what Japan has on the menu.

I’ve heard great things about Japanese food, so I couldn’t wait to see if their Kobe beef was any more delicious than my famous juicy meaty centre.  Landing in the capital Tokyo, I headed straight to the nearest Steakhouse and filled up on some seriously smooth beef…just like at Mr G’s.

I then took the bullet train to visit the iconic Mount Fuji with snow tipped peaks that put me in mind of light and fluffy milkshakes, before moving on to Kyoto the country’s spiritual home. It is also the inspiration for my aptly named Kyoto chicken burger made with lettuce, tomato, pickled ginger, wasabi mayo...mmm…mmm…mmm.

Must dash, I’m suddenly hungry…see back at my place Mr Gourmet Burger in San Pedro! 



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