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San Pedro de Alcantara

Mr G goes to Japan

Konnichiwa burger buddies,  

I’m in Japan the land of the rising sun. I squeezed my buns on board the first flight out of Malaga and headed half way around the world to check out what Japan has on the menu.

I’ve heard great things about Japanese food, so I couldn’t wait to see if their Kobe beef was any more delicious than my famous juicy meaty centre.  Landing in the capital Tokyo, I headed straight to the nearest Steakhouse and filled up on some seriously smooth beef…just like at Mr G’s.


Mr G's photo competition

Hello friends!

Mr G here – I’m in San Pedro soaking up the sunshine on our lovely terrace….you may have noticed me I’m the big guy wearing a burger bun!

I’m a friendly guy and I love having my photo taken, so I’ve launched a competition inviting you to take photo of yourself standing next to me and best picture will win a free meal on me!   All you need to do is come on down to the Mr Gourmet Burger restaurant, enjoy one of the many delicious burgers, salads or side dishes on our new menu… and while you’re there take a photo and post it on Facebook.


Tomato buns introduced at Mr Gourmet Burger

Hola burger lovers!

I’m at home in sizzling San Pedro (Marbella) this week, making the most of the summer sunshine by heading down to the beach.  There’s nothing more attractive than a juicy, well-cooked centre and soft buns that are well done - all over.


Mr Gourmet Burger’s Cool Drinks Menu

Hello fellow burger lovers!

If you like big flavours and even bigger portions, you’ll love Mr G’s exciting menu of succulent meat and vegetarian burgers bursting made with locally sourced ingredients that pack a real flavoursome punch… not forgetting our super-tasty salads.  But that’s not all… we’ve just extended our summer drinks menu, including a good selection of non-alcohol thirst quenchers!


Mr G in Rome


A big hello from sunny Italy! Guess where I am... there's the Trevi fountain, Coliseum, Spanish steps and the Vatican. This city is unbelievable; so many monuments in one place and so little time to see them. But it's not all about the history, the food is fantastic too!

As a self-confessed foodie with an appetite as big as my big meaty heart.. I've tried everything from pizza to lasagna, great Italian wines and cheese... all were totally delicious!


Ola, Pessoal!

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro! Too bad I missed the Carnival this year, but anyway, this city is amazing! You may remember that during my earlier trip to Portugal, I tried deep sea diving and really got into extreme sports, so this time I decided to take to the sky. And when I say sky, I don't mean just visiting the famous Jesus statue, I was literally flying!


Bubbly greetings, burger lovers!

You already know how much I love travelling, but this time I decided to take it one step further… I’m under water!

I visited my pals in Portugal. The country is stunning; we took a boat trip along the river Douro, tasted some delicious Port wines, went surfing (the waves are spectacular!) and we even went diving in a beautiful rocky cove. Check out the underwater photo shoot, that’s me with the cute fish behind!


The burger with the biggest heart hits Venice

Guess where the burger with the biggest, juiciest, meatiest heart has decided to celebrate St. Valentine's Day... I'm here in Venice, the city of love, famed not only for its waterways and great food, so Mrs G and me, are as happy as two burgers in a bun.


A New Taste Hits Town

Mr Gourmet Burger has arrived in San Pedro, bringing with him a menu full of delicious gourmet burgers, made with fresh luxury ingredients to create some really tasty flavour combinations.


The Origin Of The Wall Street Burger

Welcome to the US of A. I’m in New York home of the hamburger but I bet “Nu Yoik” has never seen anything as tasty as me before!

Anyway, I’ve headed down town to Wall Street and I’m hanging out with the bankers and traders, trading tips - cooking tips that is!